Alternative use for storage units

Home gyms

Whenever you move house, renovate, have a baby on the way or just need somewhere to store furniture or other belongings then storage units are an ideal option. Low cost, secure and spacious they satisfy most people’s needs. But they aren’t always just used as intended.

TV reality shows such as Storage Hunters UK and Storage Wars are credited with introducing a new generation to interesting alternative ways these facilities can be employed. Couple this inspiration with the creative flair and entrepreneurship of us Brits and it’s not surprising we find innovative ways in which to repurpose them! Let’s take a look at some of the weird and wonderful alternative uses people put self storage units to.



Another recent trend is upcycling – taking old or discarded household items and giving them a new lease of life through repurposing or overhauling. A self-storage unit makes for an ideal workshop with a plenty of space for your ‘to-do’ collection. Walls can be put to shelving use to further bolster your capacity to stash future project parts, tools and restoration equipment.

eBay shops

The eBay start-up seller can use storage for their products. Not everyone wants to use their home as their eBay stockroom. Aside from space concerns, there are home insurance implications and the increased risk of making your house a target for burglaries. Self-storage facilities are a staffed and safer option for your goods.

Band practice

In the UK, government cutbacks have resulted in the depressing closure of a number of community amenities. Trying to hire a hall or building for your group to jam is getting harder. And you often need to travel further afield for the privilege. Storage facilities can be a great place to practice without disturbing the neighbours and have enough space for your whole group. Look for premises that have electrical outlets if you need power for amps and keyboards.